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What is a HotSpot?

One of the most effective tools that you can add to your virtual tour is a HotSpot - but what exactly does that mean? This article or review everything you need to know about HotSpots, including what they are and how you can use them to enhance your virtual tours with

Understanding HotSpots

Have you ever noticed a button or icon that you can click during a virtual tour that triggers a pop-up or a change? If you have ever interacted with one of these before, then you have used a HotSpot.

It is essentially an active place within the tour that your viewers can click on to generate an action, such as opening a photo in a new window or taking you to the next spot in the journey. They allow you to create fluid transitions that engage your users with new media.

The goal is to provide them with something that enhances their understanding of the area they clicked on!

How You Can Incorporate HotSpots into Your Virtual Tour

There is an endless number of ways to use HotSpots during your virtual tour, but some of the most common options include the following: photos and videos, social media links, pop-up descriptions, inquiry forms, and other embedded content.

Photos and Videos

One of the most popular things our customers add to their virtual tours is a HotSpot that displays photos and videos.

For example, if you can click on your product and this will trigger a video that walks them through everything it can do and how to use it. It can also display things like color variations or other available sizes for the objects that they clicked on – in a visual format.

Social Media Links

Using HotSpots to link to social media is an ideal way to connect with your customers outside of the virtual tour. This allows them to share what they're seeing with their followers on Facebook or Instagram, which also boosts the visibility of your brand!

Pop-Up Descriptions

You can also use HotSpots to generate a description pop-up that gives viewers all the information they need about a specific product.

For instance, it can describe the object's dimension, price, and any other relevant specification.

Inquiry Forms

If you need to collect information from your viewers during the virtual tour, considering incorporating a HotSpot that triggers an inquiry form. You can use this button to ask for feedback in a survey form or collect their contact information if they are interested in making a purchase.

Embedded Content

HotSpots are also the perfect option to embed content from your website or another external link into your virtual tour.

All your viewers will need to do is click on it, and a separate window will open the embedded content you wanted them to see! is Here to Help!

Are you ready to encourage your viewers to make the most out of your virtual tour by incorporating HotSpots? If so, can partner with you to bring your tour to life.

We will help you design HotSpots that will not only attract the attention of your customers but also keep them engaged with your site. Whether you want to add images, social media links, forms, or floorplans, we are here to make that happen.

Reach out to us today to learn more!

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