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Turn Your Virtual Tour into a YouTube Video

When you build your marketing strategy, it is necessary to address all of the different channels that your customers access. One of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience is through YouTube.

This guide will help you learn how to turn your 360 panoramas into a YouTube, as well as why it can benefit your marketing efforts!

Get Your Virtual Tour on YouTube

Did you know you can turn your virtual tour into a YouTube video? We are here to help you do just that!

Our technology allows us to export your entire VR tour into a video that your views can conveniently watch on YouTube. Not only will this increase your marketing reach, but it also gives your viewers a chance to share the content on their social media platforms.

Even though the user can’t click on a hotspot or navigate the tour themselves, you can design the video in a way that maximizes their experience. If the video is embedded into native platforms like YouTube or Facebook, it can automatically play and take advantage of 360-degree video technology.

The goal is to draw attention to your tour to support your marketing efforts and drive revenue!

Benefits of Sharing Your VR Tour on YouTube

There are many benefits to sharing your VR tour on YouTube, but let’s dive into a few of them in greater detail:

Explore a New Point of View

Turning your tour into a video enables you to share a new point of view with your audience. Since you get to control the speed and camera angle of the tour, you can emphasize the details you want to ensure they see.

For instance, you can walk through the rooms in the home in a specific order, so you can convey a convenient and modern layout. You can launch pop-ups or click on hotspots to share important information and make sure your viewers learn everything they can.

Easy to Use

Although most people can figure out how to navigate a VR tour on a mobile device or computer, some users may have trouble doing so. Creating an option to view the tour in a YouTube video takes away any complexity and ensures that those audience members can still get the most out of the experience.

All they have to do is press play!

Better Ad Placement

A YouTube link is very simple to embed on social media and other websites, so setting up this option allows you to take advantage of those marketing opportunities.

Rather than having to click on a link or be redirected, the YouTube video can auto-play wherever it is shared! This will boost the number of viewers that you have and make sure no one has a hard time finding your tour.

SEO Boost

Turning your virtual tour into a YouTube video can also boost your SEO. Close to 5 billion videos are viewed on the platform each day and establishing a presence there will enhance your search engine rankings.

There is no better way to increase the traffic to your listing!

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